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THP-Plus Transitional Housing Program Plus (THP-Plus) provides affordable housing and supportive services to youth formerly in the foster care and juvenile probation systems. The key principles of THP-Plus are:

Age appropriateness: THP-Plus programs must recognize that emancipated foster youth are legal adults and should be subject to fewer restrictions than those who are younger.

Distinct from foster care: THP-Plus programs must have program rules that are distinct from those that apply to youth currently in the foster care system.

Greatest amount of freedom possible: THP-Plus programs must allow young adults to have the greatest amount of freedom possible in order to prepare them for self-sufficiency.

Strong Emphasis on supportive services: THP-Plus is not solely a housing program. Instead, it is a supportive housing program, which regularly provides young adults a wide range of supportive services.

Eligibility criteria for emancipated foster and probation youth is 24 months unless youth is enrolled in post-secondary education and then the youth can participate for up to 36 months, rather than 24 months. Eligible youth can also participate in THP-Plus until they turn age 25. The required supportive services include Housing Services, Education and Employment and Community and Support Services.

Support services include:

  1. Case Management
  2. System of payment for utilities, telephone and rent
  3. Job readiness training and support
  4. Food and necessity allowances
  5. Educational advocacy and support
  6. Assistance in pursuing college or other post-high school training
  7. Individual and group therapy
  8. Services to build and support relationships with family and community
  9. Mentoring
  10. Apartment furnishings
  11. 24-hour crisis intervention and support
  12. Emancipation Fund
  13. Transportation assistance

For more information on THP-Plus please visit or watch the THP-Plus video by clicking

If you, or someone you know, needs more info including eligibility criteria for THP-Plus, please contact Karen Turner at or 909-455-7502.