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Mission Statement

--Doing Whatever It Takes--

Helping vulnerable children and their families develop skills to lead successful lives. Saving Lives, Changing Lives, Building Hope for children and Families.

"I'm writing to you just to tell you thank you.  I'm not one who writes his words very well, and I'm not sure if you even remember helping me.  It was a long time ago at Maclaren Hall.  I was living at the Mt. Jurupa Home for several years.  I've been gone from Ettie Lee for many years now.  I live in Chatham "Cape Cod".  I'm married and I'm working as an electrician and in another year I should have my license.  I've learned a lot in the 3 years at with you.  The day I went to Ettie Lee really made a change in my life and I don't think I ever said thank you."
James (2000) - Mt. Jurupa Resident '88